Best Casino Games For Beginners

There’s a good reason why gambling remains a pastime enjoyed by so many players from all walks of life. For hundreds of years, people have played games and wagered on outcomes. Nowadays, you have the option of going to a land-based casino or playing online from practically anywhere with an internet connection. And online games needn’t be lonely – there are plenty of opportunities for social interaction too. You can even start off with free online games while you learn the ropes.

Slot Machines

Purely a game of luck, the popularity of slot machines stems from their simplicity. It’s easy to get started and there’s no need to learn complex rules or strategies to have fun. also require minimal buy in yet offer the possibility of huge jackpots if Lady Luck is on your side. There is an extensive range of theme games, bonuses and graphics to keep things fun and interesting. In essence, you’re pulling a lever or clicking a button to spin the reels and if you hit a winning combination, you’re in for the big time.


Iconic roulette is simple enough for beginners to pick up and enjoy. Roulette consists of a wheel with pockets. A ball spins around the wheel and you’re really just betting on where the ball will land. You can keep to simpler bets to start with and we’d advise playing the European version of the game which has one ‘0’ resulting in a lower house edge. You can bet on black/red, a range of numbers, odd/even or high/low numbers.


In Blackjack, you’re effectively always playing against the dealer. The aim is to get closest to 21 without going over. You can look into strategies as you progress and you’re sure to improve your skills with time, but Blackjack is easy to get started with as a novice.


If you stick to simpler bets on this table game, you’ll have odds of around 50%, so it’s definitely a good one to try as a beginner. One person is the ‘shooter’ and the others place bets on the outcome of the shooter’s dice throw.

Let it Ride / Texas Hold‘em Poker

For complete beginners, you’ll find a game called “Let it Ride” on many online casino sites. The game keeps you abreast of your odds in real-time, so you have a good idea of your chances and how much you stand to win.

If you already have some knowledge of poker, why not try Texas Hold’em. This enduringly popular game is easy to pick up and great fun.


Playing Keno, you can win a large amount with a very small investment. It’s a lottery-style game of chance. You pick a set of numbers (1-10 numbers from 1-80) and decide what odds you want to bet on. A random set of numbers are drawn and if they correspond to those that you selected; you might just be in for a jackpot.